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Enuff Sed Recording Journal

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Friday, July 16th, 2004
2:51 pm - Update!
I took a que from Sanchez's journal and i'm going to post this here and on my mypace.com page (enuffsedrox@hotmail.com)

1. First best friend: Louie
2. First car: GMC Serra 2004
3. First real kiss: 7th grade
4. First screen name: gldrfeelgood
5. First self purchased album: Metallica - Kill Em' All
6. First funeral: My grandma
7. First pet: Dog
8. First piercing/tattoo: none
9. First Credit Card: Guitar Center
10.First enemy: um.........
11. First big trip: To Maui when i was 7
12. First music you remember hearing in your house: don't remember

1. Last cigarette: Friday
2. Last car ride: Yesturday with the guys on the way to Speed Zone
3. Last kiss: um...........
4. Last good cry: don't remember
5. Last library book checked out: Library??
6. Last movie seen in theatres: Spiderman 2
7. Last beverage drank: Coke
8. Last food consumed: Micky D'S
9. Last crush: um......he he he
10. Last phone call: Danny
11. Last time showered: Yesturday
12. Last shoes worn: my Macbeths
13. Last item bought: Pro Tools
14. Last annoyance: Yesturday at Speed Zone, this dumbass kid keeped trying to pass me and I held him off for the whole race only to be bumped by mike and losing the race because of him. that basterd
15. Last time wanting to die: never
16. Last time scolded: ??

1. Who are your best friends: My Band Brothers (Danny, Mike, Eric) and my Spot Homies (John, Recardo, Ferreol and the rest)
2. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend: not at the moment

1. Where are your favorite places to shop: www.famoussas.com
2. Number of pierceings/tattoos: none

1. Do you do drugs: Nope, im drug free and that's the way to be (what a fag)
2. What kind of shampoo do you use: Head and Sholders
3. What are you most scared of: Hights
4. Where do you want to get married: Anywhere but here
5. What are you listening to right now: Black Label Socity - The Blessed Hellride
6. How many buddies are online: i don't know
7. What would you change about yourself: My drumming and recording ability

1. Colors: Green
2. Foods: Pizza
3. Girl names: Jade and Daisy
4. Boys names: Mine! I guess
5. Subject in school: Metal shop
6. Animals: Monkeys
7. Sports: Football
8. Perfume: ??
9. Cologne: Hugo Boss

1. Given anyone a bath: just myself
2. Smoked: yes
3. Bungee jumped: nope
4. Made yourself throw-up: haha many times
5. Skinny dipped: how did you know?
6. Been in love: almost
7. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: oh man, lots. what? it works
8. Pictured your crush naked: hahaha YEAH!
9. Seen your crush naked: nope :(
10. Cried when someone died: a little
11. Lied: mostly
12. Fallen for your best friend: ill.......no Danny, Mike and Eric are UGLY!!!!
13. Been rejected: many times
14. Rejected someone: hell yeah
15. Used someone: na, i'm too nice
16. Done something you regret: yeah

1. Clothes: Famous T-Shirt
2. Music: Tiger Army, Black Label, Metallica
3. Make-up: i'm not a fag like Mike
4. Annoyance: Not having my own Studio, but Pro Tools is working fine for me right now
5. Smell: like roses
6. Favorite artist: Metallica
7. Desktop picture: Joise Maren
8. Book your reading: "The Complete Pro Tools Hand Book" by Jose Chilitos Valenzuela
9. Cd in player: UnEarth

1. You touched: Shook my Dads hand
2. Hugged: My Mom
3. IMed: Mike
4. You kissed: um........

1. Understanding: yes
2. Open-minded: yes
3. Insecure: at times
4. Arrogant: na
5. Interesting: Oh yeah
6. Hungry: all the time
7. Smart: WHY YES
8. Moody: na
9. Hardworking: yeah
10. Organized: not at all
11. Healthy: mostly
12. Shy: yeah
13.Attractive: you know it!
13. Bored easily: na
15. Responsible: a little
16. Obsessed: um....yeah hahaa
17. Angry: na
18. Sad: na
19. Disappointed: na
20. Happy: Yes
21. Hyper: not really
22. Trusting: Yeah
23. Talkative: A Little
24. Legal: YUP!!!

1. Kill: Lars Ulrich
2. Slap: Lars Ulrich
3. Get high with: B-Real from Cypress Hill
4. Look like: Robert Trujillo (just his hair)
5. Talk to offline: everyone
6. Talk to online: everyone


1. In the morning I am: Happy
2. All I need is: a gilfriend :(
3. Love is: OK i guess
4. I dream about: girls!

current mood: tired

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Thursday, May 27th, 2004
7:36 pm - New Music
Some good new music to check out:

Slipknot: Vol 3
Killswitch Engage: The End of Heartache
In Flames: Soundtrack to your Escape
The Beautiful Mistake: This is who you are
Black Label Society - Hangover Music, Vol.6
Superjoint Ritual - A Lethal Dose of American Hatred.........not new but still good to check out!

current mood: happy

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7:11 pm - Too Long!
WOW it's been along time since i've posted. well lets see what's happend since the last time i posted..............

Vegas was fucking AWESOME! We left for Vegas on Thursday night at 10:00pm but stopped to eat and stuff. And danny left after us like at 11:30 and caught up to us at the state line.......that fucker!! We all most made it to Nevada before him, if we would have left like 20min earlier we would have made it but no, he calls us and says "I can see you, look on your left side" so look over and all I see is his civic pulling up right next to us for a second and then all we see are his tail lights, FUCKER! we got there at 2:30 am on Friday and checked into our hotel and finally got into our room and then Cole and Greg decided that they weren't tiered so we all went to the MGM grand to gamble so we were there until 5:00am and then finally went back to our room to sleep. Then at 11:00 my phone rings and who is it?? Fucking Danny just wanting to see what we were doing. So after that we all got up and took showers and went to go eat lunch and then came back and chilled. Danny got to our hotel at about 4:00 because we had to be at the café at 8:00 so we all got into the truck and went to guitar center to pick up a few things. But on the way to guitar center these chicks pulled up to next to us with a sign that said "show me your cock".............all man that's all Danny had to see. He dropped his paints in record time and shoved his dick through the window...haha fucking hilarious.

So after we got to the café and played a pretty good show. Then we took all the stuff back to the hotel room and decided to walk down the strip but Danny had to leave to meet his chick so it was me, Eric, Cole and Kiki. We walked all the way down to ceasers palace to meet Eric's sister and her friends that came all the way out there to see us play (which was cool). Then at about 2:00 we walked all the way back to our hotel to sleep. The rest of the weekend was just hanging out and chilling.

So, Mikes back now!! Which is fucking awesome. We played our first show with him this past Saturday at this battle of the bands in L.A. and we WON!!! $200. We played with this band called Eastbury Rocket, they were pretty cool. They asked us to play with them on June 5th which was cool. Anyways after we played on Saturday the people who were running the battle asked us to come back and play the next day on that Sunday. So we played back to back shows this weekend. Were playing tomorrow at cantwell high. I haven't updated the site because we're having a new site being made and it's going to be uploaded within the next day or so.......

Also we just bought a VAN!!! haha fucking dope. It's a chevy. It's blue and it runs good. We just need to changed the tires. I'm so glad we got this now, now we don't have to worry about using Eric's truck all the time

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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
8:32 pm - opps
The metallica one didn't work, let me try again.

current mood: happy

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8:29 pm - Phone
Hell yeah! my new phone that i got like last month has a camera on it and i just figured out how to upload the pix to my computer. so i took a few from the metallica show me and danny went to, my amp and me.


Metallica show:


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Friday, April 2nd, 2004
8:38 am - Today
Today we are going to hang out with the M-DOG!!! we seem to be hanging out like once a week now which is great. We were planing on going to like knotts or six flags this week but due to our lack of plaining i don't think that's going to happen. In other news, today i have to also make our resavations for Vegas, lets see what we get.

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Wednesday, March 31st, 2004
7:45 pm - Slick Shoes
haha yeah that's right!!! i'm so stoked that were playing with Slick Shoes. They are truly one of my fav. bands. They are also one of the few bands that i own every one of there cd's. the only other bands that i have all there cds are metallica, rage against the machine, pennywise and a few others. plus were going to las vegas which is going to be so rad. i think we might stay at the MGM Grand or Rio's. Danny's going to be staying at the Mandalay Bay with his girlfriend and i think me, Eric, Cole and some of Eric's friends my split the hotel room which is good because then it won't cost all that much. Eric, Cole and I are going to go up on that Thursday the 22nd and danny's going to go up on that Friday the 23rd. This month looks to be FUCKING AWESOME!!!

current mood: excited

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
11:38 am - Chill!
Well not lots been happening lately. just been trying to get ready for saturday. we were going to have prac. tonight but Tru One is all booked up, those bastards. Well lets see what happens.

current mood: hopeful

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Friday, March 19th, 2004
2:07 pm - Brothers
Yesturday Mike came over after school. I haven't seen him since our Key Club show 2 months ago. It was cool, he came over, we chilled here in my room for awhile and then we went to dannys rec. and it felt like old times again. took a trip to 7-11 then we went down Eric's house and then it really felt good again. Mike says he could come back by the first week of June which we are looking forward too. Eric said it best yesturday "now we really feel like a family again". Cole is very cool, real funny and a good guitarist. But there's no replacing Mike. It's going to be weird playing the Viper Room without him. Tonight Carmen Electra's band "the Pussycat Dolls" are playing the Viper Room so i think were going to go hit it up with flyers for our show.

current mood: cheerful

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2:06 pm - Brothers
Yesturday Mike came over after school. I haven't seen him since our Key Club show 2 months ago. It was cool, he came over, we chilled here in my room for awhile and then we went to dannys rec. and it felt like old times again. took a trip to 7-11 then we went down Eric's house and then it really felt good again. Mike says he could come back by the first week of June which we are looking forward too. Eric said it best yesturday "now we really feel like a family again". Cole is very cool, real funny and a good guitarist. But there's no replacing Mike. It's going to be weird playing the Viper Room without him. Tonight Carmen Electra's band "the Pussycat Dolls" are playing the Viper Room so i think were going to go hit it up with flyers for our show.

current mood: cheerful

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Sunday, March 7th, 2004
7:36 pm - This Weekend
This weekend was the SHIT!!! First was Metallica and Godsmack. Shannon Larkin is one of THE best drummers out there today. he is so good live (i've been a fan of his for awhile now and i couldn't wait to see him play). I have all so been a fan of Godsmack since the begining and after seeing them live, it just reminded me about how much i like them. METALLICA was the SHIT!!! this is my 6th time seeing them and i have to say that they just keep getting better and better. Ever since they brought in Robert Trujillo they just went up even more. Robert Trujillo is my FAV. BASSIST of all time. I have been a fan of his since he was with Suicidal Tendencies and i was Happy when he started with OZZY because OZZY is one of my fav. bands of all time (mainy because of Zakk Wylde). I was so BLOWN AWAY when i heard that he joind METALLICA. now i think metallica is 10x better with him then Jason, and i don't think i'm alone.

Saturday was cool, just chilled and BBQ.

Today, Eric and Antione (Sage Lead singer) came over and we chilled and BBQed. it was fun. I tryed getting eric to paintball in the back, but he was drunk(drunk guy!!). And now i'm just chillin. lets see what this week brings!

current mood: calm

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Friday, March 5th, 2004
2:42 pm - METALLICA
Hell yeah, i'm going to be at the Metallica Show TONIGHT!!! i'm so stoked. Metallica is my fav. band of ALL TIME and i'm going to be seeing them tonight!!! i haven't seen them since this past summer with Linkin Park and the Deftones (which i may add was a FUCKING AWESOME SHOW) so i'm HAPPY!!!

current mood: anxious

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Monday, March 1st, 2004
8:40 pm - ON Another Note:
Also my new bass cab that i just got ( a Mesa Boogie 8x10 roadready bass cab) has been making some cracking noise but i couldn't figure out what it is but today i pluged in and it sounded fine, i think it's my power amp because i run a Line 6 bass POD throught it and i think it's my power amp that's giving me shit! FUCK!!!! but i think it went away for now. maybe it just caught a cold for awhile and now it's better. I hate to think that it's my Cab, i just got that thing last month. I got it from the Hollywood Mesa Boogie Store and it was cool because they had it allready for me with my name on it and everything, all i had to do was go pay for it and throw it in my truck. did i say throw.....i mean have like 4 guys help me get it up there, this thing is a FUCKING MONSTER! it's 180 pounds!!! but it's well worth every pound and every cent i spent on it. FUCK YEAH!!

current mood: confused

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7:58 pm - First Post in awhile!
Hello, i know i haven't posted in awhile but since mike got a LJ i guess i should post more often. Well yesturday i went paintballing with some of my best friends.....Danny, Kiki and X (Xavier). Xavier picked me up at about 6:10am and from here we went to dannys house to meet up with him and his brother and from there we headed out to SC Village in corona. We got there in about 30min because trafic at 6:30 in the morning is great. got there, singed up, loaded up, and Kick some MOTHER FUCKING ASS. We all did good yesturday, even kiki since it was his first time playing. All in all, Danny Had about 16 Kills, i had 13, X had the same and kiki walked away with 7-9. Paintballing is the best sport ever, and it's a long one. Frist game's at 8:00am and last is at 4:00pm which by the way we stayed for and played every single one because were hardcore paintballers! Now since i paintball more often and plan on going more often i think i will seriously conster getting a better gun. I have a Spider Shutter which is a good gun but i think i'm looking in getting an WGP Autococker, too much awesome-ness right there. At $1100 i think it's pretty reasonable, for me at lease.

current mood: sore

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
8:16 am - Sage's CD Relase
well this weekend had to be one of the best in recent weeks.....................not really i take it back. all my weekends are pretty good but this past weekend was AWESOME. First off was SAGE's record release party on saturday. Saturday was a long day, i got up at 9:30 and had to go rent CD players to DJ with at Sage's after party because mine are broken :( anyways i got back at about 12:00 and Eric (ES & Sage Drummer) came over to pick up my DJ stuff and his drums but he wanted to use stands instead of his rack because getting that big mother fucker of a rack up on stage is a show in it's self so he used my stands. so after we packed up we went to his house to unload the stuff and set up my DJ stuff and by that time it was 3:00 and Sage had load in at 4:00 at the whisky so i ended up going with them to sound check and after we left and i came home and showered, picked up some more music and headed back to Eric's house and had a good luck drink with the band and then we headed out to the whisky at about 8:30. Got there at 9:00 and waited for Sage's set time at 10:30 (by the way i was Eric's Drum Tech so i was real busy too:). ) got eric set up on stage and they played an AWESOME show infront of 350 + people. got everything loaded up and headed back to eric's house for the after party. we tryed to hurry and load so that we could get back before people started showing up but when we got there, there were allready like 20 people waiting out side so i started the music and about and hour later at about 12:30....it was PACKED!!! about 170 people showed up for the party. So i was DJing for about an hour and a half before i started the flash backs and it was a 70min. pre-mixed cd so i let that run and me and Danny went out side and hung out with Karen(eric's sister) and her boyfriend Murph (Allrise Drummer). so at about 3:30 am there were still alot of people there but by that time i had to cut the music so most of the people went home. Me and Danny hung around eating the left over chicken and we left at about 4:30.

Sunday was just a day to chill and play some Rainbow Six 3 on Xbox Live (which is an awesome game).

by the way, i know this is supposed to be the band Recording Journal but i had to talk about this weekend!

So on to band stuff.............

so far we have writen 1 full song and are working on 2 others. in about 2 weeks or so we are going to have people come over and sit in at one of our prac. to let us know what they think about the new music.

current mood: happy

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